Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Brave New World...

So I'm done with blogging today (or so I thought) and decide to sit down and watch the news and 60 Minutes to keep informed. Then, after and interview with President Obama, they come on with this article about 'regenerative medicine.' Now I'm somewhat familiar with the ability of a certain subset of vertebrates to be able to regenerate limbs like salamanders and newts and the tails of some lizards, but not in humans... until, possibly, now. Most of the time when the damage to a human body is too great even for sort of "shop mechanics" surgical techniques, we are left only with amputation of a damaged limb or the need for the transplantation of whole organs (heart, liver, etc.). Then there are all the people who can't get organs in time and die while waiting. If we just had a way to trick the body into regenerating that tissue then many people might not face the amputations or total organ failures to their doom. But we haven't figure out how to do that yet... until, perhaps, now. I ask all my readers to click on the link and to take the time to watch the episode of 60 Minutes. It reminds me of that quote from Shakespeare and the Tempest: "Oh brave new world that hath such people in it." I suggest listening to the segment while listening to "Shapeshifter" from the album Octagon by the group Dilate for the full effect. Check iTunes please.

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Hypocrisy and Safety

So I'm getting ready to start my blog for the week, still in my comfey, sleeping clothes, when Steve calls and says, "Whatcha doin?" and says that he's gonna be there in 15 minutes to go to brunch with Sean and Jeanne.... crap. Sunday is for blogging, relaxing, and tweeting with anyone (bloggers, news people, scientists, porn stars, the whole lot) while trying to wrap my mind around ultimate answers to hard questions. Like "Why do people believe in such bull-shit as God created man" (and what about woman... that always bothered me even though I'm male so you'd likely think I was cool with that notion... nope). Any ways, I get my act together (barely) then it's off to Roseville.

Sean looks much better after the back surgery and Jeanne is such a trooper. After we're done, we walk out (a major accomplishment for Sean) and everyone's words seem to get lost in the rain.. the rain... it makes me contemplative. Then I realize after finishing my work at home how dark it gets so early in Winter. I come back to my sanctuary of a home and begin to realize that my friends have it better than I do in one large regard... they can profess who they are and their belief in NOT believing. I don't dare do that at my work or near my place of employment. If I did, I'd risk being terminated by a crazy, religiously fanatical parent. I use subterfuge and use my Zen Buddhist goings as my out. "Oh no, I'm not a non-believer; I'm a Zen Buddhist." The Buddhism statement is true, but the 'not a non-believer' is not.... I feel like such a hypocrite.

My friends regularly tell me that they understand my situation but it still gets to me. How can I be the co-founder of an Atheist and Non-Believer group but not come out to support it. I let certain friends know but sometimes I just want to shout to the world, "I don't believe in ANYTHING, especially your bullshit notion of God because there isn't any God!" But no, I stay in the 'closet' so-to-speak and let my friends take the brunt for being one of the last and most hated minority groups in America. Someday.... it just sticks in my throat. I hate it.

Then I come across a Science Blog which tries to say the things I want to express. Please read this Blog.

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