Friday, July 31, 2009

New Writing Technology

Everybody who knows me knows how much I love technology (I know, I know... others would say I have an obsession with widgets, doohickeys, thing-a-ma-jigs, and whatchamacallits), but I really get crazy over anything that can make me more productive and help me with my failing memory as I get older (No comments, peanut gallery). And as such, for several months I have been looking at the product that is pictured to the left which is known as a Pulse Pen and comes from a company called LiveScribe which I think you gadget freaks like I am should really check out. Basically it's a small computer that records everything that's being said around you while you are writing on your paper and thus can play back the conversation or lecture by touching the areas you wrote at the time you wanted to hear what was being said. The small videos at the company website are much better at an explanation than I am but I got mine, have been practicing with it, and it's really COOOOOOOL. Anytime you start up the pen, as you write on the special paper, it remembers what was being said as the writing was going on. Now, you can also take that information and put it on your computer and have it looking just like your notes. THEN... you can play back the conversation/lecture just as if you were there! I got the 2 GB version because I know how long winded teachers can be ESPECIALLY when they are in administrative meetings. The paper, however, can't be just any paper but special paper that allows the pen to know where ON the paper the information was being written. In addition (again) the information can be exported as pdf's and there's free transcription software that you download that allows for the changing of the notes into a printed format. Totally cool. Go ahead! Check out the site and see what technology can do for you!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

I'm just sitting at the table listening to NPR about the Comic Con in San Diego while thumbing through Facebook and following my Twitter feeds. So, I start reading about the changing tactics about getting Gay Marriage legal again in California. It reminded me of the only Republican I've read or listened to so far this year (and I used to be a Republican when I first started voting then quickly came to my senses and found out that I HATE political parties... sorry but I just can't drink their Kool-aide no matter how hard I try... I'm just to independent a thinker): Megan McCain. I know, I know. You read that and do what my dog does when I send a nonsequitor his way; cock his head to the side and give and audible 'urhh?' But she has reminded me that if change is to happen it typically comes as the generations change. Go see this little article she wrote about posing for the "No H8 Campaign"

I also like that she told 'Joe the Plumber' that he is a 'dumb-ass' and just ripped Ann Coulter in her blogs. I'll defend anyone who speaks her mind like that! I have hope for the future more than I did before.

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