Sunday, October 18, 2009

Appreciating Music

It has been one of my pet peeves that we are surrounded by so much music today with our technological instruments that it seems that most people behave as if they know a lot about music. And I make this statement not just to bring to light that opinion or musical tastes is not the same as knowledge of music but that people who don't play music very much seem to miss the subtleties of music and the important parts of musical production and performance by not being a performer. As an example, listen to the discussion on NPR of one of Beethoven's more difficult pieces of music and why it is not played very often but how interesting it can be to listen to it once you get informed about the piece and it's significance:

[Personal Note: sorry for the long lapses in writing. I get busy with my regular work and there are times when writing is the last thing on my mind... I endeavor to improve.]

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