Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Live with it...

So now it's day 10 of over 100 degrees... you can only live with it. At this time then, let's include some links to places you just have to check out:

[1] Rocketboom (videoblog) [2] YouTube (if you haven't been here yet... duh!) [3] Unclaimed Territory (web log of Glenn Greenwald, author of "What would a Patriot do?")

I may update this blog later with links to some of the best sites for Free Thinkers and Astronomy. Ummm. Water... cool, clear, water....


For Astronomy I recommend the following websites:
[1] Jet Propulsion Lab ( this is the site where all the space probes are guided from)
[2] Hubble Space Telescope Image Gallery (such cool pics... gotta see it!)
[3] NASA (Duh... from here you can find links on astronomy up the wazoo)

For Free Thinkers (the Enlightenment Era definition, not this post-modern mental masturbation and swill), I sugest some o the following pages:
[1] Free Thinking Definitions (from wikipedia, but I have read this and it works just fine)
[2] Deism (another wikipedia article and this one is just as good)
[3] World Union of Deists (not bad and very informative)
[4] Religious Tolerance.org (the name says it all)
[5] Positive Deism (check it out)
[6] Age of Enlightenment (a final wiki which esplains my the view I see the world from)

And now, my friends, the rest is up to you. You either will or won't have the drive to research and learn about such things on your own (I have put it in front of you - you will be interested or ou won't). But remember the words of Master Yoda:

"Do or do not... there is no try." Peace.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Heat Waves and Promises

Nine days of heat over 100 degrees. I need the summer heat to die away. I need the cool nights. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year and I need cool weather to keep that promise. The promise? That I would not only go back to the dojo but start to formalize my own art; yes, and art of my own making. What is it like? Well that all depends on how I think it will go best together for I have learned from so many disciplines. I know how I want to start and that is with the unarmed forms. I tend to think in the Japanese way and so my forms will be known as katas but they will also be named in Japanese and Latin for descriptive clarity. How is that? You'll have to wait and see. But the final phase of the practice will not be in gee and hakima. No, I will develop my own armor that will be the final phase of the art. I am thinking of the Kagedo, meaning the way of the shadow. Another idea is the Way of Night and Shadows. At this point in time it's name is actually pretty irrelevant. But I know what needs to be done... I sit here typing and I can see what it is that I am moving like and what weapons I am wielding and in my mind's eye I can see each and every move. Now, for the heat to break, a new deck to be made, and the will of Hashujin and the Hachiman to guide me. The rest is time and practice. Progress report to come later...