Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bon Anniversaire au Le Republic du France!

Just a quick note, but 220 years ago today, the Bastille in Paris fell to a mob of angry Parisian citizens. Oui mes amis cet est Le Jour de Bastille! Happy birthday France! Though we are in the 5th Republic since that day, France is still doing well and the republic is strong.... yup, I'm a Francophile and I freely admit it. Though I'm still working on how to speak well in that most poetic of languages I keep trying and get a little better each attempt I make. So raise a glass of champagne, mes amis, and wish the grand old lady a happy birthday! After all, she gave us Le Marquis de Lafayette and the Statue of Liberty. I think it's the least we can do to say, "Merci beaucoup, France."

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Mental Machinations

I'm reasonably sure that most people who are thinkers in any sense of the word go through similar days and moments as I am having right now, but how they deal with it I can't say... me, I blog... or at least attempt to blog. Several things have been happening in and around and even totally peripherally to my life but the combination of circumstances, people's tendency toward idiocy and lack of self reflection, and the general media environment have left me a bit shell-shocked and not quite sure how to proceed.

[1] The state legislature of California and the governor are locked in this mess about how to come up with a budget that works and have been at impasse for weeks if not months while the common person suffers.... and yet, in a very real sense, it is the common person who has put us here. It all began with Proposition 13 in the late 1970's and then continued on with such things as Proposition 98, etc. As such, the initiative process which was supposed to put more power back in the hands of people and force the legislative process forward when politics intruded into vital areas of concern. Nice idea, lousy results. The average person in California can't balance their checkbook much less should they have any input into the budget of the 8th largest economy in the world! But they people of this state (like so many other states in the nation) have bought into the false claim that you can lower taxes and still get the same services from government that you always had up 'til then. The citizens of California were sold a promise they swallowed like a hungry Parana then have the hubris to get angry at the government when they don't have the funds to do the work they would normally do if the taxes were there to lend them the money FOR such purposes. You idiots! This is a pay to play system! You want the services, PAY FOR THEM! This childish crap of listening to fascist political pricks say "Government is the Problem," believing them, voting them into office, and THEN being surprised that they are ineffective at the job has GOT TO STOP. Whoever said that democracy was a great idea was an imbecile; democracy sucks... except there's no better system to take it's place. Look in the mirror folks.... In short California.... grow the fuck up.

[2] I hate it when you meet nice people for dates, you've put time and effort into knowing them, and then they don't see you the way you'd hope they would. I just can't stand the saying,"Let's just be friends." It's not a particularly bad phrase. It has a direct and fairly pleasant intent.... so why does it leave such a crappy taste in my mouth? Now, I'm a big boy and I try to just take it for what it is. But.... I suppose I hate it that both she AND I didn't come to this conclusion earlier in the writing. I get the feeling sometimes that I'm just not quite a typical member of the human race... more a demon in human form or a machine wrapped in human flesh... Where are all the women who can keep up with my geek, are good looking, like to get physical, and can play chameleon as well as I can? Just gonna keep looking...

[3] I love the place I'm living which is why I've been there for SO LONG. But, even so, I have a right to at least a few bitches: {a} The place doesn't have enough electrical outlets for what I want to do {b} the cabinets in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom need some major work and finally {c} IT HAS NO CENTRAL AC... yup, in central California and no central AC. I've done what I can to compensate by having lots fans moving the air and having them computer controlled, putting water on the roof (but it only gets done when I'm home), and darkening the house in the daytime as best I can with dark curtains and sun shade screens outside the house. But on days over 100 degrees F.... brother... Today is one of those days and I'll probably end up at the end of the day restricted to the upstairs where the small window AC is and watching the tele through my Slingbox on my computer.... I gotta get Norman to get a second AC downstairs... just gotta.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Concoctions 1

I have been having fun with my friends lately and we've had a great time having our weekly Sunday Brunch. Last Sunday, while waiting for a table at Capitol Garage, we all decided to walk over to Zocalo's. It was a great idea. I love Mexican cuisine and they also serve one of my favorite mixed drinks; Death in the Afternoon. Originally from Ernest Hemingway (as the legend goes), I discovered it recently and just can't get enough. But as time has gone on, I decided, "Why don't I make one of my own?" and give it a cool name? Hey, if Ernest can come up with a good one, so can I. Here we go:

Death after Midnight
(working title)

Take the following in this order and put into a fluted champagne glass

1/2 oz. Chambourg Raspberry liqueur

1/2 oz. Pomegranate Juice

Fill remainder with Gran Spumante

Enjoy (But note it is very sweet so if you don't do that kind of drink, pass on this one)

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