Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Time for Change

Let me state before hand that I am a skeptic. I don't take much for granted and I don't take many people's words at face value without some type of proof to back up their statements. So, as a result, my politics are very independent and I don't like political parties (I tend to agree with Thomas Jefferson that they are not good for the body politic). But sometimes, just... sometimes, a person comes along who gives me some small hope that perhaps a time of change would come along. And this time, it's a generational change... at least it feels that way. I have never like the generations of politicians who have come before mine. The 'baby-boomers' are a selfish, uninspiring, hipocrytical, bunch of generally uninventive boors that I have never had much time for. It's perfect examples are George W. Bush and both of the Clintons and many others. It's time that they stepped aside and left the conflicts of the 60's and 70's in the past so that the newer generation that doesn't see race as mattering but senses a need for new perspectives as being paramount. Perhaps, just perhaps, now is the beginning:

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