Monday, February 19, 2007

Ayn Rand Interview - Objectivism redux

In the late 1970's, Phil Donahue interviewed Ayn Rand (and this was shortly before her death). If there was any time more than any other that showed Ayn Rand being no-nonsense and not caring about her image. OK, just take a look:

Here Ayn Rand takes on religion... gotta love:

Now Ayn Rand goes off a bit on what I think was her thin skin to criticism

And then two years later, the great mind of Ayn Rand passed away.

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Ayn Rand - rounding things out

Ayn now finishes the interview with Wallace and comes around with personal outlooks which I both agree and disagree with (Ayn's economics just can't help but drive me a bit nuts but her outlook on personal responsibility and denial of belief for convictions I adore). I leave Ms. Rand to defend herself:

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Ayn Rand - a moral disagreement

Now, in Part II, comes the part of the interview where Ayn Rand expresses her idea about economics.... sorry Ayn, but I think that your economics are overly simplistic and not very objective since I think you were poor at understanding humand nature. Your notions that the power of government should be limited I agree with but I think that you are ignorant of the role of money and it's coercive potential. Well, you, my reader, listen for yourself... I think that you will understand some of my deep concerns:

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Ayn Rand - a moral agreement

When I was younger, I found a great deal of inspiriation from Ayn Rand; her books and her philosophy. The notion of 'selfishness' in the way the Ayn Rand defined it was what started me down the path of doubt in religion. I recently found some of the early interview with Mike Wallace in 1959, and in Part I she puts forth the part of her philosophy that I agreed with (the other parts of her philosophy especially on economics I don't think were as 'objective' as she may have thought they were). Watch and indulge me: