Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Some Current Events

So after some time to cogitate about coming events I came to a realization that it was time for some more blogging. But what to write about... Ah, current events... Current events for me and NOT just the world.

To begin, I have been getting ready for a great (hopefully great) party at my house this weekend which I have titled "Scotch and Sonatas." It is pretty straight forward. About 16 to 18 friends gather at my house for two things: 1. To learn about the great single malt scotches that the land of my ancestors have to offer (at this point its 16 single malts for tasting from the 5 major regions of Scotland) and how they are produced and 2. To enjoy some classical, new age, and jazz music performed by yours truly. As a result I have been increasing by a few bottles my collection of Scotches (hell, I even got a deal by accident when I realized after leaving that I somehow lucked out and got 3 bottles of Scotch for the price of 3 at the liquor store... providence smiling upon me I guess ). I have been practicing a lot as well and I think I have at least enough music for an hour and a half with some breaks in-between. I hope everybody enjoys the performance.

Next has been my time in the garden... making up for LOST time. I used to spend a great deal of time in my garden but when work started again, I lost the desire to be outside. I guess I went through a serious phase of caving when the weather started getting colder and work was just a bit overwhelming. But NOW, I have been back to putting the garden back into shape with new plantings of roses, mini-roses, and ornamental grasses and fuchsias to round things out. It will take me some time to get it all together in the backyard before I can start on the side of the house mostly because of the reduction in pay the teachers in my district are going through due to the economic times we're going through right now. Even with that, give me a few months and the roses should all be looking good, the fuchsias will be planted, and most if not all of the ground cover should be in so that I can finish the season with the making of lots of hanging pots for pansies for the fall and winter. If it works out the way I want, more parties should be going on at my place later in the year.

Finally, I hope to get the house and the computer network running the way I want... BUT, the purchasing of new equipment has had a major setback as planned. Again the economy has put a major kibosh on the whole process as I had planned it (complete with 3D timeline and calendar warnings and entries). Oh well, I just have to reevaluate the timeline, change the calendar entries, At least I still have a job is the best I can do when the disappointment of the delay in plans hits me... but I have to keep a balanced perspective. It's either that or risk going nuts..... later.

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