Friday, January 01, 2010

Anno Lumina - "The Year of Light"

I had been contemplating for the better part of 4 to 5 months what this new year would be like for me. Of course the answer is that it all depends on what I do and how I handle myself; truisms have a way of slapping you in the face at the most in opportune times but none-the-less it made me consider how I was going to handle this coming circuit around the Sun.

Light. I chose Light (proper noun) as my theme. I have always been fascinated by the time of the Enlightenment and consider myself a student and, to a certain extent, a product of those times. Science found some of it's greatest minds at this time and the notion education, exploration, erudition mixed with a certain type of genteel approach to relationships has always been an inspiration to me. I started off my day as usual with my computers and newspaper. But now, I started the day with Beethoven's 7th Symphony filling the house with a hopeful joy and optimism. I have made commitments to myself that I plan to keep. Projects have been planned that I plan to keep fulfilled and brought to fruition. I have neglected my health both physically, mentally, and emotionally and that I plan to rectify. I can say that every serious resolution at the beginning of a new year that I have made in the last decade I have kept. Perhaps that is achievement enough for most people... not me. I plan to keep that record for as long as my breath passes my lips and the light shines into my eyes and my mind.

This is Anno Lumina - The Year of Light. I'll listen to Beethoven all day, work on the computers, practice the violin, do the chores with glee, and bring the light of knowledge and understanding into my house. I will make it truly the Glen Anam - Valley of the Soul. But not some vapid, hollow notion of soul - a life force which is separate from the body. No. The body and mind are the soul - the seat of intelligence, of understanding, of wisdom, of light and enlightenment. I will open my house to like minded people and make it a place of light and learning. I will send light from my mind to the very best of my abilities. Rather ironically I am reminded of the quote from the Gospel of Luke - Illuniare his quis in tenebris et in umbra mortis sedent: "To bring light to those who dwell in darkness and sit in the shadow of death."

Ave atque Vale - Hale and Farewell

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