Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Feminine Discovery

As my close friends will tell you, I am a total sucker for the feminine wiles. I will freely admit that I love the feminine form in all it's incarnations from the ballerina to the Marilyn Monroe curvy figure ( not that any of you really care but what the hell,it's MY blog)... But in all these I have a few features that I really 'go for.'

1. A beautiful face. Everything else is essentially negotiable but a face I like to stare at and drown in is a must.
2. Brunette hair. Hey, each person is different and we should all know and admit what we like... brunettes are my thing ( and the blacker the hair, the better I like it... my blog, my tastes... don't like it, the door is there).

This preface is all to introduce a model I just mysteriously "ran into" while on Facebook: Francoise Boufhal

Rarely have I seen a lady of such beauty of face and luscious curve of frame. I just am entranced by her. look her up on YouTube and listen to her dreams and ambitions. I like someone who is willing to take on the notion of the waif model and advance the motion of the 'curvy' look that I like so much. I think I will be writing about her more in the future.

Francoise Boufhal

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Been a while...

As any reader of my blog knows, I only blog when the time seems to be right...Now is just such a time. I finished my 23rd year of teaching and promoted another class to the high school... but somehow this one seemed different.

Maybe it was the smallness of this class. Maybe it was the length of time I've been teaching. Maybe it was the fact that 15 fellow educators retired this year. This was mostly due to the financial crisis in the nation and California in particular. It was a good time to retire I think... and I will miss a large number of those people ( despite the way some of them would drive me nuts).

You need to understand that with these retirements I know become one of these senior staff members at my school. I'm only in my forties and I'm just not quite ready to be a "senior" member of the staff. I feel two conflicting and opposite feelings... Young and old at the same time. Consider that as I write this blog I am doing it on an iPad in a coffee shop called The Naked Lounge... like I wrote before, young but old. Funny what the passage of time can do to our perspective.

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